Typesetting: Arranging the text and graphics in preparation for publication. Includes but is not limited to:
     Types or fonts
     Text density

Manuscript Evaluation: A report on the developmental features of a manuscript and any broad issues the author should address. Generally covers the same elements as a developmental edit. 

Proofreading: The final check before printing. Combing through the edited and prepared document for any technical errors. Includes but is not limited to:

Developmental Editing: Helping the writer improve the broader elements of manuscripts. Includes but is not limited to:

Copy Editing: Improving the technical elements of text. Includes but is not limited to:

Substantive Editing: (Also known as “line editing.”) Helping the writer improve the language and clarity of content. Includes but is not limited to:


Are commas keeping you up at night? 
Are you plagued by that elusive opening hook? 
Does something about your plot feel off but you just can’t put your finger on it? 
Editing troubles, begone! 

I have the skills to tone up your literary voice so it catches the attention of agents and publishers,
to refine your manuscript until it’s error free, and to organize your unique ideas into impressive works ready for publication.

My services include: 

  • Copy editing

  • Substantive (line) editing

  • Developmental editing

  • and more!

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Not sure what type of editing service you need?

If you don't see the services you're looking for . . .

Not only is she super professional, but she's really helping fine-tune my ideas (non-fiction book) so that they'll bring true value to the reader. If you're looking for someone who loves what they do beyond a paycheck, I'd get in touch with her immediately.

— Edmond Abramyan

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Take a step closer to the best seller list—
learn the secrets to writing memorable bad guys!

“Suzanne Uchytil has captured the essence of what it takes to create a true villain.” 
— Sandra Grey, award-winning author of Traitor

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