To help those whose incomes have been
affected by COVID-19, I am currently providing
a 10% discount on all services. 

With my formal training and experience, I have the skills to make your grammar spotless, your characters compelling, 
and your plot unforgettable. 

Novels and Novellas

Novels: 40,000+ words

Novellas: 10,000–40,000 words

Short Fiction

Up to 10,000 words

Creative Nonfiction

7,000+ words


Textbooks, dissertations,
theses, academic articles,
and essays


10+ pages

Online Content

Website, blogs,
and basic HTML

Translated documents

Documents translated
into English


From $50

To find out more about how these services can benefit you, or for information on pricing and quotes, please contact me

Make sure you read up on the different types of editing so you know what kind of editing you need! 

For more information about editing rates, see

50% of payment is due in advance. 

I will not edit content that contains graphic or explicit sex, profanity, heavy swearwords, or discrimination against any religions, ethnicities, races, nationalities, or sexual orientations. 

I retain the right to refuse service if these requirements are not met. 

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